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From the Document Management experts that brought you Optix comes a new, streamlined way to convert your paper documents to PDF.

Forget those wimpy flatbed scanners and slooooow scan times. Welcome to a new scanning reality on the Macintosh. Use rugged, high speed scanners engineered specifically to make conversion of paper to PDF a breeze. With one touch of a button, scan even complex double-sided documents and distribute them automatically using E-mail, Print, Fax, Save to Disk, and FTP. Watch your document problems go bye-bye at the rate of seconds per page.

Shall we dance?

Download v3.1 (Nov 4, 2022) for
New Apple Silicon (and Intel) Macs!
Pass on the ScanTango secret to all your friends and colleages!

Download the free demo. Try with your hardware before you buy.

We use and recomend Fujitsu high speed scanners.