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supported scanners

ScanTango currently supports the following quality scanners. When viewing product datasheets, note that all bundled software and scanner drivers are typically for Windows PCs.

Tier 1 Scanners (Requires purchase of a Tier 1 Key):

NOTE: The 4110EOX (older ScanSnap) is not supported

NOTE: The Fujitsu fi-5120C and fi-5220C hardware versions earlier than A4 have experienced spontaneous USB disconnection problems on the Macintosh. When ordering this model scanner, please ensure that you will receive a hardware version A4 or better scanner. The later models have no reported problems. The hardware version is indicated on a tag on the back of the scanner.

Tier 0 Scanners (Requires purchase of a Tier 0 Key):

NOTE: Only the models listed are supported.

The following features (when available in hardware) are supported across all scanner models:

  • User-selectable page sizes
  • User-selectable resolutions of 72, 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, and 800 dpi
  • User-selectable image types of Black and White, Halftone, Grayscale, and Color
  • User-selectable image source Simplex or Duplex Automatic Document Feeder, or Flatbed
  • User-selectable brightness and contrast
  • User-selectable filters for deskew, rotation, despeckle, and margin cleanup
  • Some models support additional expert settings such as Dropout color, Multifeed detection, etc.
  • Barcoded patch cards for multiple-document batch scanning

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